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Russia Insider reported "How Russia’s ‘Red Tourism’ Is Luring Wealthy Chinese Visitors Bored With Paris and Milan" on Friday

[] Photo: Kristina Averina Once they had settled in, though, the trio found themselves charmed by the sparkling lights lining the pavements of Tverskaya Street – Moscow’s Champs-Elysees There’s still a strangeness, a foreignness that I don’t understand For others, it is simply a matter of being bored of the same sights and shopping in Paris, London and Milan It’s this sense of mystery and discovery that fascinates me about Russia Moscow didn’t make a great first impression on experienced Chinese tourist Maggie Xu and the two friends she was travelling with. There was confusion at the airport terminal, difficulty finding their driver, and then crippling traffic jams en route to their hotel, the city’s Ritz-Carlton.

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