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Reuters reported "British lawmakers overwhelmingly back Brexit delay" on Thursday

[] The government narrowly survived an attempt to give lawmakers control of the parliamentary agenda on March 20 with the aim of forcing a discussion of alternative Brexit options at a later date [GDP/] Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles British lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to seek a delay in Britain�...

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May piles pressure on British lawmakers to back Brexit deal In the meantime, the future direction of the world’s fifth largest economy remains up in the air Business leaders warn that this would cause chaos Brexit supporters say that, in the longer term, it would allow Britain to forge trade deals across the world and thrive Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles

May piles pressure on British lawmakers to back Brexit deal But there was no sign that the prospect of a long delay - which could lead to Britain keeping closer ties to the EU than May had planned, or even a second Brexit referendum - was causing a major shift in the views of hardline eurosceptics in her Conservative Party who have so far thwarted her

British MPs vote for Brexit delay It notes that if a deal is not approved, the length of the extension will depend on its purpose The SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford branded Jeremy Corbyn's party a  disgrace So it'll either be a no-deal now, or a change of plan from London, of which we see no sign at the moment,  the official added

British lawmakers vote to seek Brexit delay after rejecting government proposals Even more power drained away from Theresa May [Wednesday] night, Anand Menon, director of the U.K We believe Parliament will have better opportunities to decide it is only fair and reasonable to give the public a real say on this crucial decision for our country, said Adrian McMenamin, a spokesman for the People’s Vote campaign, a group made up of campaigners and politicians

British lawmakers overwhelmingly back Brexit delay May's spokesman said earlier on Thursday that she would put that deal, struck after two-and-a-half years of talks with the EU, to another vote if it was felt that it were worthwhile DUP leader Arlene Foster said the party was working with the government to try to find a way of leaving the EU with a deal