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Express UK reported "Brexit vote time today: What time is the vote today? Will Brexit be delayed?" on Thursday

[] If MPs approve Mrs May's deal before the summit, then the extension would be until June 30 Mrs May warned this would require the UK to take part in elections for the European Parliament in May But the House needs to face up to the consequences of the decisions it has taken The remaining 27 EU states must then unanimously agree to the request MPs will vote on whether to ask the EU for permission to delay Brexit beyond its current departure date of March 29 today. So what time is the vote today and how will MPs vote?

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MPs to vote on delaying Brexit Mr Mundell said he backed the PM's deal and had always made clear his opposition to a no-deal Brexit A party spokesperson said they wanted to find a sensible deal for the entire UK and one that works for our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland We have agreed a deal with the prime minister and the EU is ready to sign it

What Europe thinks of giving UK more time for Brexit If just one country pulls its support, a no-deal exit looms even though British MPs have rejected it She said that Brussels was pretty favourable to the idea – but in the last few days things had changed Next week, the Rome government expects to roll out a series of information sessions in ports around the country to explain how No Deal would work

Brexit extension: What time is the Article 50 vote tonight and what will happen?  If the motion is passed, Theresa May will formally ask European leaders for the Article 50 process to be extended Article 50 is the legal mechanism within the Treaty on European Union, commonly known as the Lisbon Treaty, by which a member state can quit the bloc Only by revoking Article 50 would Brexit be cancelled

No deal Brexit vote results: What happens NOW? Will Brexit happen? So as the crisis deepens, what is the next step, and what are the options If it passes, the first thing that’ll need to happen is the Prime Minister requesting an extension on Article 50 from the EU The UK has the power to unilaterally withdraw Article 50, and the Brexit process would be stopped in its tracks

MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit It is not a legally-binding decision - and it does not rule out the UK leaving the EU That vote would take place on Thursday, and if it is passed - and the EU agrees to it - the UK will not leave the EU as planned on 29 March MPs are now voting on whether the PM's Brexit plan should be scrapped in favour of a managed no deal

How could Brexit be delayed? The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier told the European Parliament: It is the responsibility of the United Kingdom The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that a revocation should be unequivocal and unconditional, suggesting that the ECJ would take a dim view of any attempt to withdraw an Article 50 notification and then resubmit it again later

Brexit: Parliament to vote on no-deal departure Or Parliament could call for another Brexit referendum Even if they vote and say ‘no deal’ isn’t want they want, that doesn’t stop it, said Rob Ford, a professor of politics at the University of Manchester Michael Birnbaum and Quentin Aries in Brussels contributed to this report