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CNet reported "The best TVs of CES 2019" on Friday

[] Prev Next Prev Next LG OLED curve of nature Ah, CES Before we get into the flat, square sets introduced at the show, I'll begin at LG's booth with some eye candy Published: January 10, 2019 Caption: David Katzmaier 32 of 61 Samsung Serif TV Samsung's designer-inspired Serif sets get QLED tech this year, too 65-inch roll-up OLED, 98-inch 8K QLED, 120-inch 4K short-throw laser projection, 216-inch MicroLED. See every inch of tomorrow's screens right now.

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See The First Ever Panoramic Photo From The Far Side Of The Moon See the full image below, and for a high-resolution version, visit the Chinese National Space Administration website here CNSA The two vehicles even took photos of each other from within the Von Kármán Crater, which is 115 miles wide The lander also includes an experiment with silkworm eggs and plant seeds, to see how the life-forms handle the low-gravity environment

Here Is The Breathtaking First Panorama Of The Far Side Of The Moon I describe the majesty of the lunar mountains, the layers of volcanic lava or the beauty of the sparkling crystals in the rocks, he wrote in his book, Two Sides of the Moon The latest salvo for our sensory delight comes in the form of a panoramic image of its landing site, the full, high-res version of which you can see here The Chang'e-4 lander, as seen from the Yutu-2 rover.CNSA